Here at The Yorkshire Pudding, we love a good recipe and the quicker and easier it is for us the better! Because, life is busy but food is important! We’re proud to work with Mindful Chef, voted the UK’s Number 1 recipe box to make cooking quick and healthy meals a doddle – all whilst being delivered to your door – talk about hours saved! You can save 25% off your first box, by using code HEALTHY25 too! Check out some of their beautiful recipes here.



Here are some of our favourite’s from our own kitchen and from across the web! Let us know what you thought when you try them out by tagging us #PuddinClubFood on social!

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Kraft Wrapped Salmon with Spinach and Feta

A gorgeous and simple dish that tastes as good as it looks from the amazing folks over at Kraft. Definitely one to get messy and make with the kids…


The Garden Grazer


One of our favourite go-to websites for stupendously good and easy to recreate, vegan recipes that are packed with enough flavor to please both herbivores and carnivores alike. Kaitlin makes even the most greens-adverse person drool with her stunningly beautiful and tasty recipes that are guaranteed to have the family tucking in for seconds!


Nigella’s Sesame Peanut Noodles


From the kitchen queen herself, the most moreish dish we have ever had in the fridge here at Puddin’ Towers! Seriously, if you’re making this, prepare to batch-make so that you have plenty to go at! This is our go-to recipe for quick lunches and dashed-dinners! It keeps for ages in the fridge too!


Rotisserie Style (Slow Cooker) Whole Chicken


Another of the greatest pics from the web! Adapted for the UK from Ali over at This dish is the pinnacle of ease because once prepped, it will serve plenty for an evening meal and is delicious cold in salad the following day! It has the added bonus of making your house smell delish too!


Lemon and Dill Salmon Fillet, Squash Chips & Salad


One from our very own kitchen which is simple, fast and delicious! A great throw together meal for any season.



Sticky Honey Lemon and Ginger Chicken


Jen from throws this amazing and moreish dish into the mix which isn’t too high on the difficulty scale but has the potential to blow the top off your tastebuds!



Sweetcorn Salad


Approved by both adult family members and the littles, this gorgeous dish literally goes with anything (we love it with steak!) and will make your mouth water! Adapted for the UK from Jamie’s amazing recipe over at it is certainly one to try….



Easy Slow Cooker Ham Supper for 6


This is one of my all-time-favourite dishes to do when the ladies come round for dinner! It’s simple to do, easy to serve and down-right delicious! Because isn’t that what you want when you’re entertaining? Because it’s really hard to hold a wine glass whilst wearing oven gloves…..


Halloumi and Prosciutto Salad with Cashews

OMG! This is one of the best quick lunches ever! Super flavour hits without too much messing around! In fact, the thing that takes the longest time in this recipe is peeling the prosciutto from those strange papery layers they like to package them in!


Easy Steak Dinner with Mushrooms and Tomato Salad


A handful of a few ingredients and a good piece of steak is all you need to make a mid-week feast that anyone would be proud of! Cute, simple and colourful, this recipe is packed full of flavour with none of the faffing around!



Spicy Chicken with Rainbow Bulgar Wheat Salad


Bulgar Wheat has become all the rage but it’s easy to run out of ideas of what to do with the stuff! Here’s an alternative dish that you can mix-up to your hearts desire by throwing in your favourites or just whatever you have in the cupboard!