If you haven’t heard about Zoflora then my first question is, where have you been? Seriously though, Zoflora is a Concentrated Disinfectant and has been knocking around for nearly 90 years! It continues to be a firm favourite in UK households as it is a versatile all-rounder capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that cause people to get ill and make houses a little pongy from time to time.

The main reason though that it is popular amongst us cleaning types is simple – it smells divine! Whether you prefer the strong bouquet of the Limited-Edition Winter Spice, or the simple, effective tones of Linen Fresh, you are guaranteed to find an aroma that keeps your nose happy! Each solution, whichever scent you choose, offers gorgeous freshness and fills your home with a long-lasting scent.

For me, Zoflora is the rock star of the current cleaning market simply because I love a product that does its job and smells amazing at the same time! These amazing cleaning hacks will ensure you get your Zoflora addiction on and never look back, brought to you by those in the know; members of the Zoflora Addicts Group!

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Care in the Car


Is your car a bit on the stinky side? Has your pine air freshener lost its mojo? Give it a spruce up by simply soaking the old air freshener in your favourite scented Zoflora and bring it back to life! Allow to dry then hang back in your car. The scent usually lasts between one week and ten days. You can also try this in the wardrobe and little-used cupboards.




Combine the benefits of amazing fragrance and pretty window or table dressings with these Orbeez Expanding Magic water Beads. Follow the pack instructions on the Orbeez, usually involving soaking them in water alone for around 3 hours. Add them to a glass dish along with a capful of your favourite fragranced Zoflora and enjoy! The only point I will note with this is to ensure that you do not add tea lights or candles to this concoction! I know it might look pretty but Zoflora is a chemical and is flammable, so be safe!


Swap the Mop


Mopping the floors only becomes pleasurable with the amazing fragrances produced by Zoflora. However, it is still a bind, and the floors can take forever to dry! Adding Zoflora to electrically powered cleaning products like irons and steam mops can result in them breaking down, plus it’s risky as Zoflora is a flammable liquid. Combining anything flammable with the heating elements of electrical products like steam mops is therefore pretty much a no-no! However, there is a solution. The in-betweener so to speak – a Spray Mop. You can add your choice of Zoflora concentrate to the chamber, along with the appropriate amount of water and mop away! Benefits include floors drying more quickly and a combination of the disinfectant and odour eliminating qualities of Zoflora. One member also said she uses it straight onto the carpet too, benefiting from the freshness on all flooring in her home!


Bin and Gone!


Stinky bins happen to the best of us! Really though! So what better way to combat the pong than adding Zoflora soaked kitchen paper to the bottom of the bin, under the liner. This works especially well on lidded bins as the smell wafts up each time the air is stirred by the lids movement. Another bin related tip suggests adding soaked towels to the lid area too!


Access All Areas!


One of the best things to do with Zoflora is to keep a mix handy at all times to freshen up literally everything without having to worry about mixing the concentrate each time. Most Zoflora Addicts recommend grabbing yourself a selection of spray bottles and some cute labels. Mix your favourite formulas, label them up and keep them handy. These are especially good for spraying onto fabrics as a quick freshener, and quickly disinfecting surfaces, light switches and door handles when needed.


Quick Tips

As I know you’re loving this and cannot wait to try some of these tips for yourself, I couldn’t filter out some of the best quick tips that show up across the Zoflora Addicts group and the Zoflora Tips page!

  • Add a small cap-full of Zoflora to your fabric conditioner to super-power the smell and kill bacteria. This is especially good on outdoor cushions and pet beds
  • Add a drop to the toilet for a fresh loo smell all day
  • Try adding Zoflora to your window cleaning solution for amazing results
  • Wipe radiators before use and enjoy the smell as it permeates the house on those cold nights
  • Clean the inside of the microwave in less than 5 minutes; Simply Add water to a plastic jug and microwave for 1-2 minutes until the water boils. Use diluted Zoflora to wipe the residue away
  • If you’re unsure which fragrances you want to try then the answer is simple: twelve pack of mixed bottles which give a variety of 56ml bottles that you can sample – good luck choosing!

What’s your favourite Zoflora tip? What have I missed that you would love to see included? Seriously! Let’s all jump on the bandwagon together so let me know in the comments!