Every home has things in it that aren’t pretty but are required to make it run. This series is dedicated to making the ugly stuff pretty. A place for everything and all that! Throughout the series I will be sharing ideas that I have implemented in my own home. For anyone that wants to do it too, there are links to each product.

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The products I have used are in brackets for reference however other links are provided that will take you to an array of similar choices that aren’t from Ikea and don’t require “that” trip to IKEA on a bank holiday!

Under The Stairs…sadly neglected


The space under the stairs is a great place to hide the ugly, but necessary, house stuff that is essential to keep things ticking over. I have used IKEA essentials along with some other ingenious inventions to make that space more practical!

I will point out that throughout this series you will find that I use lots of IKEA products, BUT I don’t always source directly from IKEA. My mental health does not thrive on being herded around IKEA like a sheep (it’s enough to make the sanest of us lose it isn’t it?!) I have heard of many a marriage breakdown in the Pick Up Area, but I do love their products. Storage is their game and it’s certainly my passion.

So, I do much of my shopping online as a solution.  Delivery direct from IKEA isn’t cheap, so I can usually source the items online from other retailers like Amazon and eBay. My links here allow you to do the same


Extra Space

A re-purposed shoe storage/fabric hanging shelf – (SKUBB) used for replacement kitchen rolls and to keep table cloths crease free (rolled rather than folded!)

FINTORP rail holds our fabric shelf in place, and comes in handy for hanging other things too! FINTORP also has a range of hooks, stands,wire baskets and buckets that hang nicely on the rail. (I’ve used these elsewhere in the house too!) I keep Marybeth’s craft pinny on the rail, plus additional coat hangers for laundry day.

IKEA make their own hanging, small item clothes dryer (PRESSA) but there are plenty of others available  


Iron mount – (VARIERA RATIONELL) our iron has it’s own little home; with a space for the cable to wrap around too!

Carrier bags are now worth a fortune! Hoard yours tidily, with VARIERA or other bag storage.



It’s a dark space (as you can tell by the photographs!), so we shed a little light by installing a wall lamp (SNOIG) inside and using cable management (FIXA) to ensure the button is easily accessible. This was so much easier than having a drop light installed.


Shelf system – (ALGOT) system required two wall uprights‘, baskets and shelves to make the most of the space

RISATORP baskets have a handle so you can grab and go with those essential cleaning products and they fit nicely on shelves inside the space

RIGEL single or BALUNGEN double wall hooks(depending on your needs)

KVISSLE Storage boxes are a great, stack-able alternative or addition to RISATORP to keep all those little bits and bobs like picture hooks, nails, and in our house, dog pooh bags!

Whatever you choose to do with your storage areas, I find that keeping them organised helps to ease my mind when it comes to finding the things I need, when I need them. You can grab more great storage ideas and organising hacks from our ebook manual, Mastering the Art of Adulting!

What is your favourite storage hack? I’d love to know in the comments!