For many of us who are lucky to have a home, that home is our safe and happy place. It lashes you with a constant battle of DIY, appliance malfunctions and needs constant cleaning and attention, but it is still the place where we laugh, cry and live. Whatever happens under that roof, it is the one place that is your sanctuary from the big bad world. It is your little bubble away from the chaos and is sometimes the centre of that chaos – the rollercoaster that is family life! But, no matter what, it will always be more than just a house or flat or space that you live. It is a fundamental part of your life, your “go-to place” when you feel worried or sad, the one place that you want to be above all other things. “I can’t wait to get home”.


For you, keeping that sanctuary safe is and should be important. You do the main things; lock doors and vehicles and stay vigilant to “dodgy looking folks” wandering around. But today I want to talk about the couple of small investments that you can make to get things that little bit safer and give your home a zen make over! These small things offer the potential for a more contented and happier feeling family. Simply put, these things not only equal a safer homestead, they equate to a calmer mind, less worry and happier moments that we can cherish forever. Check out these top 4 happy home purchases that you should make for your sanity and for your family’s safety.

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Sweating the Small Stuff

You have lots of paperwork, little things that are actually really important when you need them, but just get in the way until that point! You know what I’m talking about! Mortgage papers, passports, and wills, along with insurance policies, bank account information and all the other boring household-musts that are just a down-right eyesore! Along with those, you have other small items that are worth a fortune in both monetary and sentimental value. Those things, along with large cash amounts (which should really be in the bank btw!) should be stored sensibly in a trusted and reliable place.

Safe’s are ideal for keeping your special and important items tidy and out of sight. Did you know that the top reported reasons for losses of these sorts of items are:

  • Fire damaged or destroyed
  • Water damaged or destroyed
  • Theft
  • Loss – You literally have no idea where they went!

safe allows you to know exactly where those essentials are when you need them, and gives you the peace of mind that they are securely locked away from theft, fire and flood damage, making it an excellent start to any happy-home-makeover. offer a huge range of lockable home solutions from as little as £30. They have detailed information for each product including insurance cash ratings, features like backup keys or keypad functions and the ability to filter by brand or size to suit your space.


Early Warning – Less Lost

Early warning systems are things that we take for granted in public spaces. The whole supermarket knows that someone walked out with their tag still attached to their new slippers and we certainly get to know quick smart if there’s burning toast somewhere! These early warnings are an excellent way to prevent serious damage or loss in our homes too, but can often be overlooked. Smoke alarmsCarbonMonoxide detectors and intruder alarms are the three that I would stress that they are key to any safe home. They raise your awareness of an emergency situation as quickly as possible, allowing you to take appropriate action before the really bad stuff happens! This makes them super important for peace of mind in your home.

If nothing else on this list, ensure that you have both smoke and carbon monoxide detection on every level of your home – and test them regularly! They are not expensive and could potentially save your home, valuables and your life.


Go outside for a minute and have a look at your home (please come back though!) Tell me what you see? Do you have security lights and a gate at the access points to your home? Now put yourself in the shoes of a potential intruder or trouble maker. Will you risk the gate creaking as you sneak in or leaving perfect prints as your calling card? Are you likely to chance suddenly being the star of the show? – spotlight, camera, action! Can you see what I’m getting at? Simple items that are usually used for practical purposes and curb appeal actually serve the best purpose of all – they’re the best possible deterrent (without buying yourself a mean looking rottie of course – and if you have; go you!)

It’s possible to go all space age and technology on your ass now, but I won’t because there is simply no need. Technology has moved on so far that it is no longer out of our reach as average Joe’s. Simple and affordable CCTV systems are available that are straightforward to integrate into your home with some simple DIY. These systems not only provide vital evidence when they’re in use but their mere presence is one hell of a middle finger to anyone wanting to cause you trouble. Dummy cameras are also available at very low prices, but be careful not to make your home look like fort knox! Sometimes the more it seems you’re protecting, the more tempting it is to want to see!

As a footnote, installing automatic outdoor lights is great for coming home on those darker evenings or if you’ve had a glass of prosecco over the limit too! Slips, trips and falls (although occasionally hilarious) are still pretty risky! That, and potentially catching yourself on your newly installed CCTV could be pretty embarrassing! Another plus for CCTV; you could end up with footage of hilarious moments in your neighbourhood – video of the postman tripping over the cat, neighbours comical thirty-five-point-turns etc. etc. hours of entertainment at your fingertips!


Get with the Times!

The modern age has adapted on all fronts and had made enormous leaps in both home management and security solutions.  Brilliant inventions like Ring allow you to answer the door whether you’re at home or not and provide an additional level of security brought to you by your own phone. Smart Home Security systems enable you to secure your home with linked alarms, locks and cameras, all connected to your mobile devices. These simple and effective solutions ensure that you know your home is safe when you’re home or away. They alert you if someone goes into your house as well as giving you complete control over access for anyone who needs it while you’re away – it’s all very clever stuff!


In summary there are some amazingly simply things that your home may be lacking. By providing your family with a safe home you are relieving additional pressure that none of us really needs to be putting on ourselves. How much time will it take to pop an order on Amazon for that spotlight and pop in a few screws at the weekend? Versus dealing with the drama of a break in and the aftermath? I know which I’d choose.

Prevention guys! Hugs for now xoxo