It’s great to have Hannah back again to talk to us a little bit more about Planner Life. Today she’s talking you through all the many uses of a planner and how you shouldn’t just be throwing dates in the diary once a flood for it to be truly used to it’s fullest potential! You can see Hannah’s previous guest post here and find her amazing blog at Plan with Hannah.

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So many people still believe a planner is purely for keeping a diary.  And many people use it to list appointments or important dates etc.  But planners are now used for so much more!  I thought it would be good to share with you some ideas of how you can use a planner to organise various parts of your life, should you want to.


Having a basic diary is still probably the most essential part of any diary.  I am currently using a diary insert from Crafty Ali Cat, but have already decided to change to a different layout in the new year as there just isn’t enough space for all my activities in this one.  But here is a picture of my current spread.


A great way I keep organised is by using stickers, and there are so many suppliers out there to suit all tastes and activities.  I love using functional stickers as I hate my own handwriting and it makes activities stand out more.


Another idea, which is becoming more and more common within the planner community is meal planning and shopping lists.  With food becoming more and more expensive, gone are the days when you can walk round the shops and just pick up anything you fancy.  Every Sunday my partner and I sit down and write out what meals we want that week.  We then double check our cupboards and buy what we need to have the meals listed.  We have found already a reduction of on average £30 per week by doing this!  I know you may say that doesn’t sound like much, but in the space of a year that’s a £1560 saving!  That’s a holiday!  I am currently using a notebook from The Punk Planner for this, but there are many other versions available.


Some people don’t like the idea of having a diary to carry around, but may use one at home to set out goals or use as a wellness planner.  For example, to monitor weight loss, exercise or mental health.  Many people write action plans, and targets for things they wish to achieve within a certain period – I do this with my ‘6 months to change my life’ facebook group.  I also set goals with my partner Gavin so we have goals as a couple (such as getting married, and buying a house).


There are varying different inserts for this purpose to record meals, body measurements, slimming world journals, and goal notebooks.  Personally, I have a goal notebook, also from The Punk Planner


As a blogger, I utilise my diary for this as well.  Any blogger needs to keep organised when it comes to writing, editing and posting.  There are so many different set ups and inserts available to help with this.  Annies Planner Printables have a lovely option available to write notes and content as well as tick boxes for writing, editing and posting.  Other people, like me, just use a normal notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas as and when they creep in.


A monthly insert is also useful for bloggers – it’s a great way to note titles of posts on the days they are due to be posted.  I colour code my blog posts for varying activities.  A monthly insert can also be used for very basic planning, or to mark important dates (such as birthdays, and other key events).


Those people who are sentimental, use their planners for journaling and recording events in their lives.  This can include photos and a journaling log, tickets from a day out or things collected on a walk (such as flowers or leaves).  I love this idea, but haven’t had a chance to start anything like this myself yet.


Event planning is the final idea I am going to leave you with.  If there is a big event coming up that is going to involve a lot of planning (such as an important birthday or a wedding), then keeping a log of what has been done and what is left to do is important!  A simple notebook could be used for this, and you could add a pocket to it so that you can add receipts as and when things are paid for or booked.  You may want to design a spending tracker, so you can see how much of a specific item has been paid off etc.  This would be similar to a bullet journal.


As you can see a planner can be used for so much more than just a diary!  And this is just a few ideas of what else can be done with a planner.  Please check out my blog for more detail about how I use mine.


I really hope this has given you some ideas of how you can use your diary for more than just appointments.  And if you want further inspiration I would recommend you look at these shops as they have inserts for all sorts of things….



Hannah is 32 years old, engaged, mother to 2 year old Arya and 10 week old Lilly, and step-mother to 7 year old Kyle. Hannah is a working mum with an addiction to planning in the attempt to be more organised.  The reality is she’s developed a sticker obsession and loves making planners look pretty!  Therefore, like me, she spends a small fortune on stickers each month; all of which she will happily blog or post on Instagram about.

Hannah discovered many years ago that as much as she, like many others, have become more and more reliant on technology, she can’t tear herself away from paper planners.  She had always loved filofaxes and writing things down and becoming a member of the UK Planner Addicts facebook group (UKPA) her obsession just got worse! Hannah is therefore the perfect gal to talk planners, purchases and what the hell to do with it all…..