I read it on MetroThe Mail and in my favourite spot, Made for Mums – the miracle cream that sends children to sleep. Of course I wanted in and here’s why: MB has not been a well-slept baby since she was born. She’s now three, and if she isn’t popping out of her bedroom five or six times after bedtime, she’s in our bed come two am. She fights sleep with all her tenacious, ginger-haired ferocity and as a result, she’s a grump! Not only is this exhausting for her, it is for us too!

So when someone suggested a simple pot of cream, costing less than £8, was the answer – I needed to test the theory. So with every appendage crossed, I headed over to Lush’s website and clicked “order now”…..

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Render tenacious and sleep deprived toddler unconscious without the use of alcohol or violence (joke!)


Test Subject

MB, 3 year old female. Red haired with an attitude to match. Has not slept consistently well, ever!


NOTE: I did a small patch test on my daughter 24 hours in advance of testing this product more thoroughly to ensure she was not allergic to any of the ingredients.


Mother and Baby also report that it isn’t advised to use this product on children under 6 months old. You can read their article here.


The Results

When I first opened the tub I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma. I must admit I was expecting a heavy lavender scent but this is not the case at all! It’s quite an earthy, biscuit smell which is pleasant (as far as my family are concerned) and not overpowering. I dislike overly floral scents in most things from beauty care products to cleaning supplies so an alternative was nice! We tested this product for one week, or that was the plan! Apart from introducing the cream, we followed our usual bedtime routine that we’ve had since she was born (can’t blame a girl for trying!). For the purposes of this test we simply swapped the post-bath lotion from our regular bedtime formula to Sleepy.

On the first night I sat listening intently from my spot in the kitchen, expecting every creak of the floorboard to be her fiery little head popping around the door. Come eleven pm, I was beginning to loosen my grip on my cuppa, which had become representative of my hope! I tucked myself into bed and drifted soundly off myself.


We woke at nine fifteen am! Oh yes! You heard me! Nine f***king fifteen people! I opened the curtains to my poor mother-in-law waiting in the car to collect her little darling for the day’s activities. The combination of being absolutely mortified at keeping her waiting plus the exorbitant joy at having slept an uninterrupted nine hours resulted in tears streaming down my face!


The following nights were much the same and, as I had now realised I required an alarm clock for the first time in three years, I was up and about before my little sunshine on four of the six test nights! The joy in our household that week was tangible! I swear you could feel it through the walls!


Clearly I have not given up using the stuff now; I may be a little nuts from time to time but I am certainly not crazy enough to look that particular gift horse in the mush!


Since the test I have spoken to friends and the wonderful mums in my beloved Planner Group and found that the results were very mixed indeed. One of the mum’s bought it for herself, as she suffers from very poor sleeping habits, but found that it didn’t have the desired effect. As in any mum-chat group a great conversation ensued, and for those adults who didn’t get the best result, i.e. plenty of z’s, a suggestion was to try Scentered Aromatherapy Essential Oil Balm as an alternative. So that’s another in the bag of tricks but I’m yet to try that one.


With a view to being completely unbiased in my testing I did a quick survey of those I know who’d tried it too. The results were roughly a sixty five/thirty five split in favour of Sleepyactually doing what it says on the tub.


So it’s safe to say that there is only one way to know if this stuff will work. You’ll only know if you are one of the 65% if you try it. Lush products are all handmade, 100% vegetarian and bought ethically so it’s not a terrible investment if it doesn’t work. However, if it does, like it did for us, then you’ll be willing to pay with parts of your soul 🙂


My skin felt pretty nice after using it too. I’d recommend giving it a go if you have a tenacious toddler or prostrate partner that required a solid eight to make them a happy camper again!


What do you use for sleep solutions? I’d love to hear your alternatives or your own experiences with Sleepy – let me know in the comments!


xoxo Jo