By now you’ll have come to realise that we’re all about living the good life here at The Yorkshire Pudding. We want good food, safe families and an organised, easy to manage home. We want the easy life for you too! I can advise on many things, and these days that includes all of the above plus reasonably nutritional meals and a hint now and again on how to manage all the crap that life can sometimes throw at us.


One thing I have no clue about though is fitness. I know that we all want to improve our fitness for a healthy and long life. I know that we want our bodies to feel youthful, healthy, and strong. We want to wake up confident every morning, loving what we see in the mirror. But let’s face it; working out consistently is hard and, although I try, I’m the first to hold my hands up to my own inconsistent workout strategy! My favourite excuse; I’m busy! You’ll do it too: We’re busy staying on top of work, making sure our kids finish their homework (not to mention their vegetables), and trying to find time to sleep, clean and then spend “quality time” with the people we love. Where the hell do we fit in time to manage our body too?


With so much going on, it’s crucial to find a fitness plan that works with your lifestyle, not against it. The benefits are astronomical when we find the time. So ideally, we want to know the good stuff; what will give you the maximum results for minimum time (and maybe effort but that’s just wishful thinking…pahahahah!!)


So, because this is not my area of expertise I went on a mission to find awesome women who actually know what they’re talking about! I have brought you the best bloggers, who make it their business to know bodies, fitness and managing the lot! The only parameters I set for these guys were:

  • Family lifestyle appropriate advice
  • Reasonably low cost or budget friendly solutions
  • Time appropriate – suitable for ladies with very little time to commit to fitness

The main lesson they’ve taught me; fitness has a shit-ton of benefits, it doesn’t have to take all day and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! So, I’ll hand over to this amazing bunch with their top tips for fitness and the reasons we should all be investing time in our bodies.

Wandering Faye MNL



My name is Faye Martinez, I’m 21 years old and I’m a spontaneous wanderer living in Manila, Philippines. My passion is story telling through writing and photography, I love playing sports and traveling everywhere under the sun. My blog is a lifestyle blog that promotes a healthy and proactive life that inspires people in building the courage to start a change. 


Exercising is known to be good for the body and overall physical health of a person, however, not many people understand and acknowledge that exercise can be a good way to curb mental frustrations and handle emotional issues. You don’t have to do much to get the benefits that exercise provides, you just have to do it and most of all if you can do with another person or in a group of people you trust, then all the better.


When done with other people, exercise becomes more fun and you’ll easily get more motivated to do it than when you originally began, it’s all about having the proper mindset. You can sweat it out whether in the gym, at home, or outdoors but the overall benefits mentally will still be the same.  By exerting physical effort in working out you’re automatically releasing the tension in your body and clearing your mind- and achieving mental clarity isn’t easy. Although it does take effort, if you weigh the pros and cons you can persuade yourself and those around you that exercising is just like everything else in life- hard at first but it gets easier when you gradually do it.


Overall, here’s a recap of the overall benefits and reasons why you should exercise:

  • Relieves stress
  • Improves memory
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Boosts overall mood






We are Momasté Yoga and Fitness and our mission is to make healthy living and obtaining a balanced MomLife easier for mothers. We are a support system and health resource for you. Mothers are the heart of the family and to keep the family running strong, WE must BE strong! We often put the physical and mental health of the entire family above our own. Kids and family should not be an excuse, but a reason! We all do so much for our families, so Momasté is here to do something for you: put healthy living and a balanced MomLife within reach.


Carving out a specific workout time during your day all to yourself would be great, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible! Our favourite way to get fit is to multitask and get the kids involved. Not only will you strengthen your body, but you’ll strengthen your bond with your kids. You can be a good role model for health and wellness for them and get them started on a path to fitness early.


To get fit with kids in tow, head to the playground and while they play, use the playground as your own person gym. Pull up, dip, step, lunge, and plank your way to stronger body right there on the equipment. You can also stay home, get on the floor, and do body weight exercises while you read to and play with the kids. Face to face playtime while you continue moving with leg lifts, planks, squats, or playing animal games will get your heart rate up. And bonus if you lift and hold baby as resistance training! Check out these workouts in detail and see more ideas to get fit, eat healthy, and live balanced on our blog!


Fab Mind Fit Body




Alexandra Fioriello is the founder of Fabmindfitbody, a blog about living a happy and healthy life in mind and body. She writes about fitness, positive mindset, nutrition tips and meal prepping. She is a mom of 2 girls, has a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a die-hard fan of Wonder Woman. She strongly believes in empowering women to live to their full potential and create their best life.

“30 minutes is all you need!”

Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise per day is all you really need whether it’s to lose weight, have more energy, feel more focused or benefit from all those happy-feeling endorphins! We all know exercise is good for us; often the issue is not the knowing part but the doing part. Put it this way, 30 minutes is only 1% of your entire day. It’s really nothing compared to all the happy energy vibes and good things you are doing for health and mind for the remainder 99% of your day and the days to come!


I get my workouts done via Beachbody on Demand. I fell in love with the concept (the “Netflix of fitness”) because everything is planned for you, don’t think, just follow the workout calendar, stream your workouts from wherever you are and you have a coach and fellow challengers to motivate you and hold you accountable and for less than ten dollars per month! (move over gym membership, hello jammy workouts :D)


… but there are tons of other apps and training workouts out there. Find one that fits your groove and, don’t overthink it, JUST GO FOR IT! Take it from someone who never exercised in her life, to a full-time working mama who, at 41, gets up at 5am to get her workout in or else my day does not start on the right foot. After a few weeks, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!


Cassie Lynn Lambert




Cassie Lambert is an online strength coach for women who focuses on helping women break free from the fads and frustration so they can lift their way to a strong, rocking bod.  She is the creator of women’s-focused strength programs, Lift Like a Boss and Build and Burn. Cassie’s ultimate mission is to help women crush the weights with confidence. Cassie first found her passion for strength training while serving in the United States Army.


Combine weight training and cardio into a functional circuit. Building muscle is the best way to stay lean, mean and, strong all year long.  But if you are living a time crunched kind of life taking on both lifting weights and cardio can seem overwhelming so instead, combine the two into an effective total body circuit.  Here are three things to remember when choosing this format:


  1. Pick a heavy weight: Have you ever tried to do a walking lunge with two dumbbells in your hands? Trust me by the end of the first set you will be huffing and puffing like you just sprinted in the Olympics.
  2. Keep the cardio duration short, no more then 30-45 seconds. You will want to exhaust yourself but still be able to move on to the next strength training move right after.
  3. Switch between upper and lower body exercises to maximize your effort and still be able to recover from circuit to circuit


Since this might be your first time rocking this kind of workout here is a breakdown of one for you. This can be completed in a gym or at home but the most important thing you need to remember is lift heavy.  No pink dumbbells allowed!!


10 Goblet Squats

30 second Mountain Climber

**Repeat 3 times

**Rest 1 min


10 Standing Shoulder Press

30 Second jumping squats

**Repeat 3 times

**Rest 1 min


10 walking lunges (each leg)

30 second plank jack

**Repeat 3 times

**Rest 1 min


15 push ups

30 second jumping lunges


Finish it all off with some booty work and do 50 Glute Bridges


For even more ways to save time and work on your lady lifting muscles check out my Savvy Girls Guide to Lifting 101 and come join me in my Exclusive Lady Lifting Community


Good luck in your fitness mission and let me know your favourite tips in the comments!