There’s still time to pull some awesome gifts together in time for Christmas this year! Sometimes it’s nice to spend that little bit more and go all out on a gift. There are different variations on the same theme that you could take; hampers being a brilliant opportunity to work around one gift theme and really shower someone with gifts. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a hamper for it to become the best gift that special someone receives.

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There are hundreds of gift companies out there doing hampers of all shapes and sizes and with every content imaginable, for any budget. I love Keelham Farm Shops Couples Hamper (because it’s lovely and local) available from Not on the High Street) and love making my own for a good old baby shower (full of mummy-must-have’s and treats). I’ve made hampers for lots of occasions and the idea can be adapted for all – friends moving into their first home; a hamper full of the none-personal stuff that’s every house needs, like cutlery, batteries, bulbs, t-towels and cute mugs is the answer, plus making the hamper basket out of a laundry basket is an awesome way to add a practical twist to the hamper theme. You can also add things that people always forget to buy, tin openers, potato mashers, a rolling pin and a measuring jug are just a few suggestions. Think about when you moved home last, what did you need?


Making hampers yourself seems daunting but it shouldn’t be: Baskets themselves can be picked up for very little these days at places like Pound Stretcher, Home Bargains and B&M’s so that should not be a hurdle to making a gorgeous gift. You don’t have to be awesome at wrapping because you don’t have to wrap it! Stick a bow on the side and let the gifts speak for themselves.


To make your own, so it’s super personal and thoughtful, Here’s my top 5 hampers with a unique theme to provide a gift that someone will remember for a really long time.


  1. Netflix and Chill hamper – believe it or not Netflix do vouchers and you aren’t necessarily condoning sexy time when you get this for someone! Young teenagers or couples might appreciate this. Include a Netflix voucher (or similar provider), and include everything needed for a chilled out evening in front of the TV. You could include snacks, sweets and crisps, pyjamas or loungewear and slippers, maybe beauty treatments for the ladies or a male grooming set for the guys.

  1. Couples Night in hamper – expand on the first theme by adding a bottle of wine, perhaps a romantic DVD or CD, a voucher for take-out food or a couples game.


  1. Foodie lovers hamper – available everywhere to include most of the lovely things you’d expect from a hamper, however, think about including some specific favourites for one you make yourself. I have a friend who is a huge sweetie fan, so if I make her a hamper up, I include all of her favourite sweets. If you know someone who likes their food spicy, why not include a set of chilli powders or sauces for them to try? Know a health food fan? Try raiding a health food shop and presenting all their loveliness in a hamper!

  1. Poker night/games night hamper – old fashioned games nights are underrated, and are great when you’re a little bit skint but want to spend time with your favourites! My friends and I do this regularly, when one of us hosts and cooks, and we play hilarious games like Cards Against Humanity and other silly board games that require little skill but generate lots of laughter. In a hamper I would include a game or deck of cards, snacks and beers, poker chips (because to be fair you can bet on any game you play and it doesn’t have to be for real money!) ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe is also a great way of encouraging a lovely and wallet-friendly night in.


  1. Rainy day kids hamper – for those days when parents are literally tearing their hair out; this is a great way of spoiling parents and children all in one. Include books with lots of activities (trust me when I say there are hundreds out there for all age groups and abilities!), healthy snacks or easy bake recipes, stickers, poster paints, modelling clay, den building kits, colouring books…..the list is endless! This really is a thoughtful gift for any family, as you can include something for all ages, games that can be played independently or family activities.


So next time you’re thinking of what to buy someone or a group of people, consider making your own hamper filled with lovely things that they enjoy. It’s guaranteed to be remembered. XOXO