If you’re struggling to buy someone something to make them smile, a T-shirt isn’t always a bad plan. Most people wear clothes don’t they? Even if your gift ends up being demoted to the pyjama drawer or the “decorating” pile, it’s still something that’s worth giving. Here’s my top 5 websites for tee-riffic purchases, whatever the occasion.

 This post contains affiliate links


  1. Teezily.com 

Similarly to other websites, Teezily make their items in “campaigns” meaning they run adverts for their products for a length of time before printing will commence. So, this basically means you either have to be quick to get the order in, or patient; waiting for the campaign to end before shipping. It’s not too bad though because the choice is brilliant and you’re likely to find the shirt that’s ideal for any occasion or niche interest.


  1. Teespring.com 

In the same way as Teezily, Teespring also run their orders in campaigns. They have an eye-watering collection to choose from and have a collection of tote bags, Christmas jumpers and mugs!


  1. Amazon.co.uk

People often use Amazon as their go-to-shop for books and stationary, but neglect their huge array of clothes. Tee choices are certainly not minimal, as the number of sellers increases, so does the choice available, and tongue-in-cheek comedy (blush! – Apologies for the pic, I like a subtle pun!)

  1. Lithographs.com

As I’m an enormous book geek, this company make my heart smile! If you spend over $40, UK shipping is free, which is easily done with their array of T-shirts, scarves, tote bags and wall prints.


  1. Robotrave.co.uk

The only British company to make it to my list, and in true Brit-style, some of the tees on this site are outright, below-the-belt, hilarious! Certainly not appropriate for dress-down-day at the office! But, they do also offer more traditional styles from cool music, to television and film themes. This array is bound to please any film lover, Netflix addict or gig-geek in your life!


So go shop the world of tee’s and make someone a tee-riffic friend…..boo to the bad puns!