Gift buying can be a bind for some and a joy for others. For me it’s a joy, so to help those struggling with both cash and ideas, I have put together a list of my top 10 gifts for under a fiver that are still thoughtful, and lovely!

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  1. Framed Wall Art

You can make your own to fit your gift recipient, or print one of thousands of FREE downloads online. You can find a huge list on my Pinterest Board Here which has an array of free printable designs to fit any taste. Just grab a beautiful frame and jobs a good en’, as we say in Yorkshire!


  1. Personalised Family Portrait 

I have bought one of these this year and am pleased as punch with it. Send a note to the seller with the names, sex and age (man/boy, etc.) Again, just a frame to go with it and voila!


  1. Personalised Bracelet – for the little people

Little people, especially girls, can become more and more difficult to buy for as they get older. Why not get something personal that they will treasure and will make them feel all grown up?


  1. Fitness

Get in there before the clock strikes midnight for that person who you know will be making the “get fit” resolution for New Year. Be careful who you buy something like this for, because the last thing you want to do is offend someone, but for the right person a food diary will show your support of their inevitable success whatever plan they’re following.

  1. Personalised Mug– From Geek Chic to sarcastically silly

There are very few people who don’t use a mug from time to time, or in my case, all the time! Get them one that they’ll have constantly on their desk. There is something available for every quirky character out there; from Harry Potter fans to something that little bit silly. You’re sure to find something appropriate depending on their tastes….


  1. Flowers

It may seem boring but they’re always going to bring a smile because it is the thought that counts! I don’t know about any other house-proud mommy’s out there, but I would quite like a gift that I can display while people bustle in and out of my home. They’re a lovely way to say “I love you, and I know how you like things to look pretty” that can be picked up from the supermarket at any time.


  1. Planner or Diary

Some people make a resolution to be more organised in the coming year, or to start recording their exploits. Help them out by buying a beautifully crafted journala classic diary or a functional planner.


  1. Personalised Christmas Decoration

Know someone who’s just moved house? Or a person who you simply have no idea how to please? Well, give them a gift to open before Christmas, and one they’ll use year after year from then on.


  1. Chocolate or Sweets

It might seem a cliche but I can confirm that most people have a taste for something sweet at some point over the festive season. Buy them their favourite things and make them pretty!


  1. Personalised book of coupons 

Offering someone time is often more thoughtful than offering gifts made of money. All you need for this is a computer, a printer, and a little imagination. Depending on what would be meaningful to that person, the list of coupons you can make is endless. A book of babysitting vouchers, a cleaning coupon, or “private massage services” (blush!) all to be cashed at their discretion. There are lots of templates out there too so making them should be a piece of cake! (Clearly, be sensible about what services you offer to whom; it could get embarrassing otherwise!)

Get creative and shout out your favourite thrifty gift in the comments!

hugs xoxo