I haven’t had the chance to actually write anything for what feels like weeks now. So given the opportunity, while I’m waiting for my amazing man to emerge flush-faced from his 5 hour stint in the tattoo parlour, I got to thinking about this blogging business. So I’ve found that in the shortest stint of only 2 whole months, that this blogging thing is one giant beast of a creature! There’s so much to making a success of something that you hope will be as simple as writing what’s in your head! It’s really not that easy. I suppose that if it were, there’d be a hell of a lot more people out there jumping on the bandwagon. Because I am sure as hell there are some very intriguing and fascinating stories out there that people aren’t telling because of the simple fact that it’s tough.

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Recently an old school friend was so complimented on the back of some of her engaging, inspiring and uplifting social media posts that she was convinced to start this blogging business for herself.


I’m currently trying my best to help and support the process but I found, as she recently has, that it’s not just about having lovely things to talk about. There’s the creative element of web design, the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation and the boggling marketing aspect to get people to read the damn stuff! It’s an absolute minefield!


Amongst my research, which is my only reason for not actually writing anything on my blog of late, I have found hundreds of thousands of people who have hit the exact same snags as me. Most American I might add, because hey, it’s a massive place so of course it’s going to put out more than the UK does! But one thing that screamed volumes is the lack of candour amongst those experiencing the process. Those writing about the process of blogging, because this seems to be the way to go, do shed some light into the darkness but never enough to truly guide you. So I’ve decided that in trying to help myself I will help my friend and anyone else who wants to know about this stuff.


I have decided that I’m going to share my journey without edit. The idea being that although making money out of this process is the end goal, it is not by any means the only goal. And on that note, I really don’t want to be a millionaire money maker! I would just like to be able to earn enough to support my family along side my husband. Neither of us have aspirations of non-working, beachfront, lifestyles, that’s just not really us.


with that revelation, I can ensure readers that blogging hints and tips will not be the way I choose to bring in the bread. And therefore, allows me to write candidly about my experiences in the hope of helping someone out there achieve a similar way of life (that’s suggesting that this actually works so fingers crossed for me people!) if it doesn’t, then you’ll hear it here first! I promise! during the course of this process you will see the good, the bad and the ugly; the tried, tested and deserted; the been there, done that along with the t shirts worn and the pies eaten! I will share links to those processes I’ve tried, the products I’ve bought and the tick sheets added to my faithful planner.


Anyone who’s looked into this process will know that affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make a few or a lot of pennies out of blogging. That and advertising. So it’s with that initial tip that I confirm that although I will never charge for my blog posts or the lessons I’ve learned through blogging (I promise to always share them candidly!) I will use affiliate links to products when I’ve liked them, bought them or used them. That’s the way this game is played and I am now a player! (Not like that, you know what I mean!)


I’ve linked the Pinterest page where I have saved research articles, webinars and tip lists that I have read, that started me off on the right track. I will keep adding to this board so please follow 🙂


After this initial bout of research and arranging rough “to-do” lists in my planner the next step for me was my first big purchase. This was a guide from a blogger I’ve been following for a while anyway. I already trust her brand so decided to invest (only a small amount I might add!) in Building a Framework to point me in the right direction. We share similar likes and loves, including planning and Printables (cue audible groan!) So I’ve bought Abby’s Building a Framework course and I’m working through it. It’s really helpful! It’s still early doors but I promise to keep you in the loop of the process! If you would like to get hold of a copy you can here. It will help you like it’s helping me, I have no doubt!

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Much Love for Now xoxo