There is nothing better than finding something awesome and telling your friends and family about it! Here at TYP I’m all about living safely, but I’ll sure as hell help you to do it in style! So, along with home safety goodness, you’ll find lovely ideas, ingenious hacks, awesome organising, money savin’ and delicious decor all in the theme of keeping safe, structured and simple.

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So, this tip; Why? I hear you cry! Where did you even think of this! I think I first saw this idea moons ago on Pinterest, come on; it’s awesome! And it must have struck a chord with me somewhere along the line because a very long time later I made one for our home. We’ve only been in our current home for about 3 years and it’s still a work in progress (our do-er up-er!), but this was one of my first jobs once the kitchen was finished.


I love cooking and hosting and I’m lucky to have a big group of friends and family. I’m also an obsessive organiser, so if there’s anything from a weekend away to a night out, I’m usually the go-to-place for sorting all that stuff out! Thus, I usually have a lot of visitors! And I love it! People are always “connected” to something these days, whether it’s the teenagers playing on their tablets, a friend surfing social media on their phone or a professional using their laptop at my kitchen table – there is usually some requirement for WiFi in my house at most times of the day!


Instead of messing with the teeny-tiny cards sent with the subscription package every time someone visits, I decided to save myself some hassle and pop it in plain sight.

This simple but effective hack gets so many giggles when I just point to the wall! My group of friends mock me incessantly for being such a geek, but I honestly don’t care. Deep down I know they love it really! One of the many benefits, despite the ridicule, is that it makes it clear that I am happy to share this information with my visitors. It certainly avoids the awkward conversation if guests need to ask, because to be fair, it could seem kinda rude! And so, it saves me routing around in the junk drawer that was the “safe place” (admit it – we’ve all been there!) and then the guest saying, “never mind, it’s too much trouble, it’s fine…..” and so on! It’s just cringy! It also means when the kids come visiting (we have lots of nieces and nephews!) they can just connect to whatever they want without even having to communicate with us! I’m sure this pleases them no end, but I wouldn’t know, they don’t really speak much do they?! Ahhh, modern technology and teenagers! Wonderful isn’t it!


WiFi passwords, along with other, similar information is absolutely ‘sensitive data’ and therefore an element of risk is always involved when deciding to share. Don’t get me wrong, I trust my neighbours, but honestly how well do we really know anybody? Plus, I find it’s always good to exercise caution in all things “data” related. Getting into good habits with data sharing, or not sharing as the case may be, definitely gets a “thumbs up” from the Pud! Before going ahead with this project, I weighed up the benefits of sharing against the potential risk and I would always recommend that you do the same with all things relating to safety and home.


Want to learn more about sensitive data? Have a nosey at this post which will shed some light.


Ask yourself the following questions before going ahead with this little project –

  • Do I have enough visitors who need this information?
  • How often do I need to find this information out?
  • Most devices ‘remember’ the WiFi networks that they have linked to, so if you have the same visitors (with the same devices) who already know this information, perhaps it isn’t as important?
  • Do I have somewhere safe to display it?
  • Should I display it at all? Perhaps you could use this in a private binder that’s kept handy?

To reduce some risk, I chose to mount mine, in a frame, on a wall that can’t be easily seen from outside. I considered the positioning of my doors and windows, and even went outside and conspicuously peered in to make sure I couldn’t read it! You could always use the idea without displaying it on your wall. You could print this as part of your home binder (there’ll be so much more on this soon!!) and keep it handy instead!

I’ve also dug out some pretty digital downloads on one of my favourite sites, Etsy, so you can find something that suits your style (the pictures above are linked too if you prefer those!)


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I love a good hack and certainly don’t know them all! Have you got a hack you’re just bursting to share? Tell me about it in the comments!