This week has been an enormous success on one hand and huge flop on the other! Sad face! I have had enormous blog overwhelm this week with The Yorkshire Pudding. There is so much to do, to plan, to arrange and to get my head around and I have absolutely no idea where to start. Procrastinating became my full time profession! So, I picked up some emails that I had subscribed to in the hope of finding some inspiration.

 This post contains affiliate links has saved the day! Her Pinterest board has been an absolute world of useful information (plus it’s pink and shiny!), and for me, the best place to start was looking at goal setting and productivity.


Because I have so much swimming around on my head, and more to-do lists than i care to admit (even in my planner!), her 2 hour course, Productivity Party and accompanying workbook have been the answer. BTW, her free courses are on my to-do list now (in a good way!)


and the PP workbook is first in the pile after this blog post! I will also point out that subscribing to Allison’s mailing list is a brilliant way to get helpful stuff to your inbox, plus a range of useful resources and stunning, free stock photo’s like some of those featured in this post! I’m going to stop going on about Allison now but….she does planners! #justsaying :-/


I have also looked into understanding a little bit more about Google Analytics, as this is something that will help Yorky Pud and my other passion, Grandad’s Wooden Toys in future growth. I’ll ​​be honest and tell you, I’m not quite there yet with that side of things but, Massive Sway have helped loads with my understanding when I completed their free course entitled Skyrocket your Blog Page views using Google Analytics. 


On the plus side, Grandad’s Wooden Toys has launched successfully, so I have one very happy Daddy! Always nice! (BTW if you’re after a unique, handmade gift at very reasonable prices that’s the place to be!)


So, my advice today, if you do nothing else: buy yourself a planner and head on over to the Pinterest Board where I’m keeping all of the resources I have used in my journey so far. If you have missed any of the series, you can find them in my blog archive tagged with “blogging”. If you’re feeling like learning, I recommend Building a Framework like all the time; I annoy myself but it’s good!


Don’t forget to leave me a message with your own experiences, or give me a shout on Social with the awesome blog-guru’s I’m missing; FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram and BlogLovin’.


Thank you for keeping up with me 🙂 there are no words for how much it’s appreciated!