This last couple of weeks I’ve been a sponge! Soaking up all things blog and literally waking up in the middle of the night with post and content upgrade ideas that I’ve had to write down immediately! It’s been quite exciting to say the least. Today I’ll share the links to my discoveries, useful articles and amazing bloggers sharing their own journeys. There are so many really helpful posts out there that can help you to go the distance for free or for a small investment in yourself.

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Of course I’ve bounced back to my faithful guru and friend, Abby Lawson! You should know that she has put together a free guide called 5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic where she shares the kinds of posts that took her from zero page-views to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month! Her insight and examples are so helpful and can help get any blogger or blogger-to-be started on the right track. You can get your copy here.

On Course……

A head’s up too, Just a Girl and her Blog have relaunched Building a Framework, which is the course that I did to kick start this whole process! (Eeeeekkkkk!) grab your copy of the Free Content Guide too!


Get a Site


First things first; if you’re just thinking about starting your own blog, or online business of any sort you’re gunna need a website! I used Wix, and I used this platform for both my blog (waving!) and my Dad’s little business, Grandad’s Wooden Toys.

UPDATED November 2017 – I have recently moved the blog from Wix to WordPress hosted by Site Ground (best decision ever! More on this coming soon!)


Stop Trying to Do all the Things!


My main problem, as always, is trying desperately to do all the things! I imagine most bloggers feel the same way because there is SO MUCH to do! And knowing where to start is incredibly hard. So I’m sticking with the plan I made in this post and ploughing on! I strongly suggest you do the same.


Struggling to make a plan?



Awesome Articles

On top of that I’ve discovered some really awesome articles from all over the web that have each provided some super insight and helpful tips. It’s easy to get bogged down with all the information out there; knowing what to follow and what to ignore! Seriously, I know! So I’ve taken the slog of the blog and done it for you! I’ve listed everything I’ve used below and also saved them to one handy Pinterest board too! I have literally trailed the blogging world and anything that wasn’t much help to me hasn’t made the cut – as I assume it would be of little help to you too. So trust me when I tell you that what I’ve laid out below is helpful stuff!


All of these wonderful ideas are now in my brain and I’m slowly implementing them to achieve The Goals:

  • grow my traffic. And it’s working!
  • write consistently awesome content and give serious value to my readers
  • grow my social media presence
  • understand all the crazy lingo like SEO, PPC, HTML, VA…..jeez!

Here’s your next list of go-to spots for super supportive, helpful and amazing info and advice.


Bookmarks Bar


We can’t keep all these wonderful ideas locked in our heads; there’s just too much! Plus the awesome creative stuff we’ve got going on is always at the forefront of our minds (if you’re anything like me!) so my best advice is to start making use of Pinterest and your desktop Bookmarks bar.


I realised early on in this process that resources are in abundance if you know where to look but I need to go back to some of it or use them regularly as part of my developing routine. So, accessible resources are super important to keep me on the right track. I’m sure you feel the same! There is so much brilliant stuff out there that you might not necessarily be able to implement straight away but know that you’ll need later; image resources being a good example of this. To keep things simple and organised I divided my bookmark bar into folders with relevant blogging categories, for all the awesome resources I have, so that I can dip in and out of them as and when I need to.


If you’re thinking of doing something similar, I have made it easy by categorising the resources below into the same “folder” titles that I’ve used on my bookmarks bar. This will help you to set up a similar process if you wish, and keep things divided to ensure that you know just where to look when you need inspiration on a particular topic.


Automation & Social


Courses & Ideas


Creative & Legal Tools

Images: Resources & Advice 


Networking & Brands



Traffic & SEO



Other really helpful Articles

Some of the articles I’ve read cover a number of the topics above and give a brilliant insight into blogging strategies across all of the relevant topics; from monetising to traffic and all the bits inbetween. I’ll be listing them in the next edition of my little blog business series so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime don’t lose your marbles! Make a plan, make time for yourself and be positive! Your homework then is to, drink coffee, chill and when you’re ready,

I would strongly recommend these bloggers as your go-to place for blogging advice:

Abby –

Allison –

Joanna –

Elise – plus her eBook rocks – “How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest”

McKinzie –



You can also view all of these resources on the

Pinterest Board – This Blogging Business

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Have I missed something? Show me the awesome teachers and their posts that I’m missing! 🙂