Planning isn’t for everyone but for those who have jumped into the world, I know they would never jump out through choice. For the UKPA members it isn’t just about a shared love of all things stationery (although wow when I say we loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee the stuff!) In joining we have a sense of community, a shared humour and a support network of thousands of amazing people from different walks of life. There aren’t many hobbies that can offer that to so many folks in just one spot!

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So, to thank the amazing UKPA family for having me, this week is a celebration of all things planner and just some of the beautiful shops from the UKPA ladies.


(The list is in no particular order, they’re all too fabulous to rank!)


  1. Little Bird Singing

  1. Your World of Colour

your world of colour

  1. Hazy Days UK

  1. Lisa’s Planner Love

  1. Little Wolves Co.

  1. The Organised Hedgehog

  1. Hoopla Stationery

  1. The Ultimate Planner

  1. Hand Crafted By Sheree

  1. The Paper Diaries

  1. Perfect Planning Shop

  1. Natalie Shauna Crafts

  1. Vintage Rose Studios

  1. Filo Fabulouss


  1. Away with the Fairies Co


  1. Sticking with the Jones

  1. Little Rainbow Moon

  1. The Ginger Cat Co

  1. La Petit Paula Shop

  1. Planner Face

  1. Fantasy Design Store

  1. Hello Poupette Designs

  1. Josephine Bow Designs

I would highly recommend getting your plan on and joining a planning community! It literally makes it’s own memories!

check out the Planner and Stationery Directory for more of our favourite shops!

What’s your favourite planner shop? Drop me a comment and make it my additional shopping list!

Hugs xoxo