Goals & Planning

It’s time to accept that goals, planning and writing things down, is a good thing! This does not have to be on paper (although it’s so lovely!). You can use technology to keep track of the things you need. I would never suggest one method of organising your mind, because each of our minds are different. Try different processes and see which fits – find your organising happy place and stay there…..*insert zen-like noises here*

Whichever option you use to write things down, the benefits are pretty cool:

• It helps you focus and declutter your mind

• It prevents you from feeling overwhelmed – you will not forget “all the things”

• It helps you plan ahead, again, preventing overwhelm

• It helps you coordinate your time with other activities and “must do’s” Setting schedules and deadlines is beneficial because it establishes a time frame and focus for each goal, meaning you are more likely to complete the tasks in the allotted time. It also helps you to feel motivated as you can see items physically being ticked off your list, in addition to seeing the completed task in its own right.

Psychological benefits of planning and/or creating checklists:

• Relieves stress

• Creates order

• Sets priorities

• Creates productivity

• Creates accountability

• Leads to accomplishment

• Leads to organisation

• Fuels motivation

• Inspires consistency

Using a planner can help you to manage the busy that contributes to our lack of time! We’re responsible for so much, so adjusting your time, recording and planning is the best way to relieve the stress associated with managing a home, a life and all the other things that are thrown at us on a daily basis!

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