Postnatal illness (PNI) is a nasty, horrible and invasive chameleon that gets it’s little feet into you. I call it a chameleon because it adapts, changes and mutates to fit you. Almost to the point where there doesn’t feel to be any commonality with anyone else. It eats away at your confidence, feeds on your joy and can often destroy your relationship with the people around you. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the way it can affect the relationship you have with your child.

Okay so you’re worried about your friend, sibling, cousin, neighbour…..that’s good. Why? Because it means you’re paying attention and that you’ve taken the first step in getting to the bottom of the problem. Because you’ve noted that there is a problem, even if no one else had.

You can get a lovely little bundle of all the tick lists needed to help you out, plus a copy of a beautiful printable to keep you or your loved one inspired. It’s all free, and you never know; you might just find it helps someone, somewhere, to love themselves and get through the other side.

Get the Free Helping Hand Starter Pack to help you:

  • identify the signs of Postnatal Illness
  • provide¬†support
  • help them understand and recover
  • help them without upsetting them

You can read more in the article here or buy the eBook, WTF – The Real Story. This is my story; written to help others come to terms with and beat this horrible illness!