Mental Health Awareness: How Anxiety Saved My Life
In honour of the brilliantly timed combination of both Share a Story Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, I figured
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Guest Post – Natural Cleaning Recipes Using Essential Oils
Cleaning! Cue audible groan. I get it. It’s super pants sometimes but I also feel like it can often have
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5 Tools you Absolutely Need to Create and Sell your Digital Products
I’m not super tech savvy but have managed so far to find my way through the blogosphere without too many
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Guest Post – Running? 5 Tips to be Safer
The London Marathon seems to come and go so quickly each year, and more and more high profile running events
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3 Things Every Writer Should Be Doing!
Spelling and grammar – eugh – cue audible groan! I know, I know! It can be a real pain in
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Guest Post – Understanding Anxiety and Panic Disorder
The Department for Work and Pensions tells us that Generalised Anxiety Disorder affects 2-5% of people. However it accounts for 30% of the
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3 Ways to Help Someone who might have Postnatal Illness
Postnatal illness (PNI) is a nasty, horrible and invasive chameleon that gets it’s little feet into you. I call it
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Women in Business – Why We Are Our Own Worst Enemy!
I’m part of a number of all female entrepreneur groups, as most of you will be if you’ve jumped on
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Guest Post – Essential Oils: How to use Safely for Maximum Benefit
Today I’m handing the essential-oils-reins over to my amazing and talented friend, Jenn. Jenn is just an average girl trying to find
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The goal is not to simply eliminate the bad which does nothing more than leave you with a vacuum. But to pursue and experience the best in the world.

Tim Ferris – The 4 Hour Work Week



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