The Micro-Mentoring program is an affordable alternative to long term coaching and impersonal courses


You’ve gone through our program of steps, you’ve figured most things out but you’ve gotten held up on one thing. There is something you’re unsure about and it’s stopping you from taking the next step….

Maybe you’re an online businesses owner or blogger and you’re stuck. You have specific issues that you can’t overcome….A particular question that you can’t seem to get answered.

And the course that you think might have the answer is £500….

We know that everyone has their very own specific issues with what to do first, growth, planning or goals. Or perhaps a business issue with social media, email lists, marketing, monetising and all manner of other frustrations. And courses do help with that. But finding a specific course to answer your particular question can be impossible and they’re so general….

Coaches are another great option but the fees and long term commitment can make a private coaching program too big an investment during the early days of change and a group session just doesn’t feel as personal or responsive to your needs. Plus, the group-thing just doesn’t do it for you.


You need an hour with a specialist to answer your questions without the commitment of a long term subscription and the price of a full blown course. That’s where we come in….



What is it?

We will:

  • arrange a convenient appointment time and place to meet – we can do local face to face, live text-chat, email, skype or over the phone (whatever you’re most comfortable with!)
  • preview your current situation and prepare for our meeting by conducting independent research before we meet
  • discuss your personal needs/issues
  • answer any questions you have relating to your personal change – tailored to you
  • create an action plan with you so you can take forward what you’ve learned and implement it soon!
  • provide a recap of your action plan and the answers we have provided for you via email, so you don’t miss a trick!
  • arrange a convenient follow up appointment to look at your progress and answer any further questions

It is then up to you if you want to book further sessions. The idea of this petite-program is that it’s completely flexible and tailored to you. If you still need us, we’ll be there but if not, no worries…you go and rock your bad self!


Each individual 1 hour package is £100 flat fee. Nothing more, nothing less. No upgrades or add-ons that bump up the price. You get us all to yourselves for solutions to that immediate problem! Your time will be split into bitesized chunks according to your needs, not ours. You’ll receive a program guide which will talk you through everything you need to know, step by step and help us to get answers for you….

And one thing we absolutely promise, we will get you the answers you need, right now….


What our clients say….



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Micro-Mentoring for?

Women who are looking to create more time, take their self improvement to the next level and change their lives. We can help you in setting up your online business or to oursource your housework! We will talk to you about your needs, assess the problem and help you find a suitable solution – fast.

Who is Micro-Mentoring NOT for?

Non-English speakers or those not willing to make fundamental change. We’re not going to sugar coat things. So, if there’s something we think you need to hear then you’ll hear it. We’re always nice, but be prepared to find the truths that are causing you these issues or to learn new skills that will help you to develop.

Do I have to be in a particular place to use this program?

Geographically, emotionally, spiritually, it doesn’t matter where you are! We are here to help you solve the problems that are causing you to be stuck. Whatever that might be, we can coach you through them by getting to know the problem, the cause and the possible solutions. We’ll help you to reach a conclusion that will get you past the issue and onto your future life.

What format is the coaching delivered in?

We can speak to you Face to Face (at a single, local location in West Yorkshire), via telephone or live chat. If you prefer Skype or even email, that’s fine too! We’re available to you when you need us via appointments that you can make yourself. We do later nights too; just whatever is best for you.

How long do I have access to the time?

Your purchase of the program is valid for 12 months from the purchase date. If you fail to make an appointment before this time, your purchase will no longer be valid. All 60 minutes of your time must be used within 1 year of the initial purchase date.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can access or terms here or we’re happy to answer questions. If you have queries or concerns, you can raise them with us at any time via email at we aim to reply within 48 hours (business days)