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Planning Advice

Guest Post – How to use a Planner: Ideas and Inspiration from a Real Planner Girl

It’s great to have Hannah back again to talk to us a little bit more about Planner Life. Today she’s talking you through all the many uses of a planner and how you shouldn’t just be throwing dates in the diary once a flood for it to be truly used to it’s fullest potential! You […]

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Guest Post – A Beginners Guide to Planners and Planning

Starting out in the ‘Planner Community’ can be very daunting; which planner should you choose? What does all the planner jargon actually mean? Which groups on Facebook should you join? Complete overwhelm! I started planning properly around January 2016 and have learnt so much about planners and planning since then, so thought I would share […]

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Guest Post – Planning for Success: Ring Planners VS Travellers Notebooks

Please give a great big Puddin’ Hello to my dear friend and blogging companion, Hannah! You can find Hannah’s other insightful and awesome blog posts over at Plan with Hannah. Hannah is 32 years old, engaged, mother to 2 year old Arya and 10 week old Lilly, and step-mother to 7 year old Kyle. Hannah is a working mum with an addiction […]

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Planning for Beginners: Step by Step Where and How to Start

A planner isn’t just a lovely hobby that allows for creative “me time” it’s also a brilliant  tool to be productive, focused and help you to set and meet goals. These goals don’t have to be about work; they can be life goals, things you’d like to achieve in your life or bucket list stuff that […]

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