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Children’s Car Seats: Confusing Language all Cleared Up

Understanding safety and legal bits when it comes to car seats is all well and good. But what about all those fancy-fandagled words that the manufacturers and legal bods like to throw in there? It’s like saying to your average Jo (that’s me by the way! haha!) “here, we’ll tell you how it is in the most […]

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The Balance of Life: Do You Have It? And How to Get it!

Is one part of your life outweighing the other parts? Are you missing the good bits because you can’t seem to find the right balance? Have you got the balance down pat already? Do you even know what it is? Are your responsibilities responsible for the way you feel? Let’s talk about it shall we – […]

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Child Car Seats & Seat belts: Just what you should know and nothing else!

OK so things are changing in the world of car seats and child safety. It’s tough to know, as a parent, whether the seat you have that cost hundreds is better than the one your neighbour has that cost a fiver off eBay! Who is to know! Well, with the recent changes in the law this became […]

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