She was an adventurer at heart; but oh how she loved drinking this tea, from this mug, in this chair. Oh how she loved to be home....


How to Create Christmas Traditions for your Family that are Guaranteed to make Memories & will Last for Generations

festive family traditions that last a lifetime

Christmas traditions, love them or loathe them, it’s the time of year to think on them. Quaint ideas or silly, family customs can make or break a good Christmas day. Growing up, my family and I stayed in our pyjamas all day; even Dad, (who you could tell, really hated it!) We would get up […]

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Tutorial: Create a Gallery Wall Even if You’re Skint – Includes Free Printables!

Gallery walls seem to be all the rage at the moment (#bandwagon!) but, I have to admit there is a certain charm to having different pieces of art in one spot. It’s a nice creative outlet too; with options to design your own, find beautiful printables from small businesses, or check the blogosphere and Pinterest for stunning, […]

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5 Easy Candle Tips That Could Save Your Life

Everyday, 3 fires are started by candles! Don’t let yours be one of them!   Candles are all the rage, with sales increasing in the UK by 17% in 2016 alone. I totally get the appeal! They make your house smell like unicorns and rainbows (there you go Yankee, that’s your next idea!) and look cosy, comforting […]

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Sharing WiFi: Printable Guest Password

There is nothing better than finding something awesome and telling your friends and family about it! Here at TYP I’m all about living safely, but I’ll sure as hell help you to do it in style! So, along with home safety goodness, you’ll find lovely ideas, ingenious hacks, awesome organising, money savin’ and delicious decor all […]

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