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Triple your Blog Traffic in a Week: Step by Step How to Swap from Wix to WordPress

how to transfer blog from wix to wordpress and increase your traffic

Why I Moved my Blog from Wix to WordPress and why you should too!   You’re doing all the things – you think you’re doing them right – but you’re just not getting the results?   I trebled my traffic in one week with this one simple change!   When I first decided to start […]

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All of the Tools I use to Run a Successful Blog

When I first started out, I genuinely had no idea how much of a rollercoaster of a learning curve blogging would be. I thought putting myself out there on a website was enough. Turns out, tumbleweed….. Not so good. You can pour out your heart onto the electronic page and still; nada, nothing, zilch. So […]

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2 Simple & High Paying Affiliate Networks for New Bloggers

Making money from your blog does not have to make you sell your soul. There are a number of ways that you can get a steady stream of monthly pennies coming through your account from your blog. This post contains affiliate links   There are lots of ways to monetise your blog, some of the […]

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5 Tools you Absolutely Need to Create and Sell your Digital Products

I’m not super tech savvy but have managed so far to find my way through the blogosphere without too many hiccups. The web is full of useful information about how to do things, you just need to look in the right spots! So, on that note, I thought it might be helpful to give you […]

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3 Things Every Writer Should Be Doing!

Spelling and grammar – eugh – cue audible groan! I know, I know! It can be a real pain in the bum not being able to just let your creative juices flow, but, it’s amazing how many people you can “put off” reading your stuff because you haven’t bothered to check your spelling. Whether it’s […]

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