Hey You!

Let’s Put you first shall we?


We are all things! Parents, wives, workers, taxi services, cleaners, friends, colleagues and women – with a whole lot more thrown in for good measure! How do we do it? Well, most of the time we don’t! It’s so difficult to be everything to everyone all of the time, and I get that!


That’s why I created this section. This is the spot where you’ll find time to rest, recoup and give yourself a little TLC! We talk self care, mental health and honest advice here; because we need it! So grab a cuppa, put your feet up and I look forward to reading you comments!



The Importance of Introspection for a Happier Life
As an enormous book-geek and quote addict, it won’t come as any surprise to any of you that I have
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Mental Health Awareness: How Anxiety Saved My Life
In honour of the brilliantly timed combination of both Share a Story Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, I figured
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Guest Post – Running? 5 Tips to be Safer
The London Marathon seems to come and go so quickly each year, and more and more high profile running events
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Guest Post – Understanding Anxiety and Panic Disorder
The Department for Work and Pensions tells us that Generalised Anxiety Disorder affects 2-5% of people. However it accounts for 30% of the
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3 Ways to Help Someone who might have Postnatal Illness
Postnatal illness (PNI) is a nasty, horrible and invasive chameleon that gets it’s little feet into you. I call it
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Guest Post – Essential Oils: How to use Safely for Maximum Benefit
Today I’m handing the blog reins over to my amazing and talented friend, Jenn. Jenn is just an average girl trying to
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