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  • You’re a Mum looking for a place to get inspiration for you and your family
  • You’re tired of professional opinions on everything and just want a relaxed approach
  • You’re passionate about living a full and intentional life for yourself
  • You want your home to be the best it can be; safe, organised and happy
  • You want more time, less stress and more money to do the things you love
  • You love the idea of planning for a peaceful life
  • You’re ready to hear new ideas that are easy to implement and time efficient

about the yorkshire pudding

I started the Yorkshire Pudding as a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing the best advice and hacks for making and maintaining a safe and happy family home, the easy way. In this, the blog is unique (woohoo!) as it is the only UK blog offering advice that covers all aspects of modern home safety and personal wellness.  The topics are all about happiness and wellness, including tips on safety products, home organising, DIY and recommendations. It’s all about making your home and family that little bit better – without the unkept promises and time caps!

The Yorkshire Pudding is split into categories to make life easier, because that’s what we’re all about!

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What is in a name?

That by any other would be as sweet…

The Yorkshire Pudding was named simply because I thought it was an appropriate reflection of the kind of person I am, and no, not crispy and difficult to raise! Just a very Yorkshire, chunky, chatty momma who represents all things homely …ahhhhh 🙂 Clearly the name of the blog has no relevance to what I talk about; I can’t even cook the damn things myself! But, like Yorkshire Pudding batter, I am nothing but versatile! Put me in a pan instead of a puddin’ tray and there is a whole different world of delightful treats in store! (If you hadn’t guessed I really, really, like pancakes!)

I am Pudding…

I’m Joelle or Jo-Elle (I also answer to hey, you and oi!) I’m a literal average Jo! I live in the hills of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my husband, the small, ginger-haired human I made and 2 fur-babies disguised as Border Collies (I didn’t make them!).  I spent my childhood here in Yorkshire, raised by a Fire Fighter and a Banker, so it’s understandable that my passions lie in safety and savings!

Most of my working life has been spent in the public sector and charity world, following in Daddy’s footsteps and working for the Fire Service for almost ten years. So, you could say I really like helping people! I have seen the impact of the work that public services and charities do, and I am amazed at how much difference a little information can make. It goes a long way! So, all the things I have learned are kind-of bubbling up inside me – I must share!

I have hiccups with my mental health every now and again (postnatal depression followed by stress-induced psychosis being my weapons of choice :/) This is the chicken from which this particular egg was laid. I was tired of being told by professionals how my life should look and what I should be doing to “get better”. I read things everywhere and stumbled upon blogs. Blogs are awesome! And I thought….you know what….I can help people here! I can really talk to people in a normal way and make a difference to their lives! I have good stuff in this frazzled brain of mine! Hence, here I am, from behind the screen, having taught myself how to drive this thing! Victory 1!

A bit about me…

My people are my world! My family, extended and close, and my amazing network of unbelievable friends!

I am a self-confessed Planner Addict – don’t judge me, it’s a thing and there is an amazing community around planning too!

As well as being an epic stationary geek, I am an avid reader and hoarder of all things literary.

I love to save money (to spend on stationary and books!) and will always check to make sure I’m getting the best price on everything! I’m a sucker for very cool storage and safety hacks, and making my house pweeettttyyyy…..

I’m a bit sweary! Whoops :-/ however, I am the go-to girl for most problems and an honest voice whether they include 4 letter epithets or not! I care and I swear 🙂

If I were a book, I’d be judged by my cover…tattoos are my thing and they hold a special place in my heart, and on my back, and my shoulders, and my feet and my wrist….

The Plan

My plan is simple: to take over the world!


Really, all I want to do is pass on the knowledge that I’m so passionate about. Keeping people safe and happy is of the utmost importance, isn’t it? In this day and age, it’s simple stuff and a bit of know-how that offers the best peace of mind. Basically TYP = Happy Smiley Houses!

I hope you come to love The Yorkshire Pudding, like I do, and find it helpful. Life gets so hectic sometimes that we forget the little things that could make a big difference. If you do (like it that is!) please share it and spread helpful and positive vibes! You never know if you’ve learnt something new today, someone else might too!

Much love ​

Jo 🙂 xoxo​

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